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After a good week at the AIIM conference 2018 we wanted to share some observations.

Lessons from AIIM 2018: ECM is out; Content Services are in.

After a good week at the AIIM conference 2018 we wanted to share some observations. ECM is nearly dead. One of the key messages that we heard time and time again during the AIIM conference 2018 is that the days of legacy enterprise content management are numbered. You may be thinking, “Wait, what? What does
Cloud Concerns: Fears Still Held in 2018 by Large Organizations - Enterprise Cloud Migration Strategy: Moving to the Cloud | SkySync

Are larger organizations right to fear the Cloud in 2018?

Though it has been evolving for nearly 20 years, many larger organizations – including enterprises, government institutions, etc.— still have cloud concerns, even when most of them are already paying for cloud services. Despite the steps many cloud service providers have taken to improve their security and enterprise functionality, there is still much room for
Box sets sights on Network Home Drives with release of Box Drive

Box sets sights on Network Home Drives with release of Box Drive

With its GA release of Box Drive, one of the strongest players in cloud-based content management is coming for your Home Drives. Though it’s been waging war on legacy Enterprise Content Management systems for years, Box has now identified that Network Files Shares are a thing of the past for three major reasons: Home drives
Office 365 Security: Five Improvements You Can Make Right Now
Sync & Enable

Five Office 365 Security Improvements You Can Make Right Now

When it comes to cloud services, many organizations seem to forget their basic rules and responsibilities surrounding security. Some tend to think because Microsoft hosts Office 365, for example, that Microsoft will handle Office 365 security for them as well. Unfortunately, they couldn’t be more wrong. Microsoft will protect your data from those who attempt
Anticipating & Accommodating Platform Differences During Enterprise Content Migration
Migrate & Copy

Anticipating & Accommodating Platform Differences During Enterprise Content Migration

When it comes to moving content across platforms, it’s important to understand the differences between your source and your destination. Systems that seem to have the same base functionality are often different in significant ways. Understanding these platform differences and the complexities they will undoubtedly bring to your migration project are important for two reasons:
Office 365 eDiscovery: How it Works Within the Platform
Integrate & Control

Extending Office 365’s eDiscovery with 40+ different legacy ECMs and Cloud Services

Microsoft recently released an in-depth whitepaper surrounding eDiscovery in Office 365. It explains in detail how Office 365 eDiscovery works within the platform, making it one of the most advanced eDiscovery solutions available in the market today. The issue with this solution, however, is that it only works within Office 365’s services. For Microsoft to
SkySync: Solving the Enterprise Content Problem - by Intellyx

SkySync: Solving the Enterprise Content Problem – by Intellyx

Enterprises have a content problem. They have content everywhere — in the form of office documents, SharePoint articles and who knows what else. Most of this content is valuable, some of it is critical, and employees have created all of it with some meaningful intent. But with every piece of content created, the job of
General Data Protection Regulation - A Sword of Damocles?
Integrate & Control

Is GDPR truly a Sword of Damocles for business, or just smart marketing from Cloud Services and Software Vendors?

If you’ve been keeping an eye on current trends in Enterprise Content Management, and more specifically around regulations, you may have come across an article or two about GDPR – the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation, which pertains specifically to the handling of personal information on European Union citizens. The GDPR will go into effect
Microsoft Teams Add Cloud Storage Integration & Synchronization Steps - Microsoft Teams and Integrating it with Other Cloud Services - integrate microsoft teams with cloud
Sync & Enable

Can I integrate Microsoft Teams with Cloud Services?

What is Microsoft Teams? If you follow Microsoft and their ecosystem, you’ll have noticed there is a lot of buzz around Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is the latest service within the Office 365 suite to collaborate with the different teams in your company.  Microsoft is also collaborating with other organizations, allowing the ability to integrate

Neocol and SkySync Partner to Deliver Digital Transformation & Cloud Adoption Solutions

Neocol and SkySync today announced a global strategic partnership to deliver joint solutions to help organizations leverage nimble cloud content platforms with their legacy Enterprise Content Management technologies like Documentum, IBM FileNet, OpenText and SharePoint.

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