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File Migration and Classification

SkySync enables organizations to migrate and classify data across systems to continuously monitor and govern unstructured data by business value and risk.

As an open integration platform, SkySync empowers organizations to access, classify and take action on any file no matter where it resides.

Advanced File Migration

SkySync is designed to orchestrate both simple and advanced migration initiatives across virtually any cloud service, network file system or legacy ECM platform.

From high-fidelity migrations to synchronizing on-premises files to any cloud service, SkySync delivers at scale.

File Classification and Compliance

SkySync’s advanced analytics and classification extensions enable organizations to gain deep insight and organize their content landscape.

Discover sensitive, high-risk, obsolete, duplicate, redundant and dark data, while intelligently classifying and sorting content.

A platform enabling digital transformation

Integrate platforms, orchestrate content, and empower your enterprise. SkySync supports unstructured content-driven business objectives for any organization.

  • Intelligently analyze, migrate, copy, and synchronize content at scale.
  • Discover and interrogate unstructured content.
  • Gain deep insight and automatically organize your content landscape.
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With SkySync, we empower people to collaborate in the most productive and effective means for their particular work style.
Zach Belles, IT & Help Desk Manager
"Our migration with SkySync has cost considerably less than our original cloud storage subscription."
Adam Sweeny, Microsoft O365 Team Lead
We were shocked and happy that we were able to complete our Google Drive migration on deadline. SkySync was incredibly responsive and truly delivered on their promise.
Chris LaBianca, Director of Business Systems

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