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DropBox SharePoint Sync for Platform Freedom | SkullCandy + SkySync / Office 365 Migration / FileNet Migration - Box Migration From Any Cloud Service - With speed, at scale - Oracle Cloud Migration - SharePoint Migration / Migrate SharePoint Files

Skullcandy’s decision to allow employees to choose whatever platform works best for them perfectly aligns with its company culture.
Office 365 Migration

After searching for other migration tools to complete their move to Office 365, Dyno Nobel discovered that what they truly needed was a synchronization tool.
Migrate On-Premises File Shares to OneDrive - Migrate to Office 365

Since migrating users and their associated content to Office 365 and OneDrive, AstraZeneca has been able to empower researchers to focus on what they do best.
Indiana University Cloud Migration Challenges

Indiana University Cloud Migration Challenges

Indiana University was able to overcome several cloud migration challenges for a successful cost-saving transition to a new storage provider.
Betenbough Companies Case Study - G Suite and SharePoint Sync Migration

g suite and sharepoint sync migration betenbough companies

With the help of SkySync, Betenbough Companies was able to complete their G Suite and SharePoint sync migration, synchronizing multiple cloud storage platforms and their local NFS to enable broad collaboration and better access.
Google Drive Migration in 10 Days | Forbes + SkySync

With the help of SkySync, Forbes was able to easily migrate its 325 users and 15TB of content to Google Drive in 10 days – avoiding costly renewal fees and user disruption.
citrix sharefile migration - Migrate File Server to Cloud ShareFile Platform | SkySync + CCC

Commercial Contracting Corporation discovered SkySync on a recommendation from Citrix and quickly implemented the solution.
Network File Share Migration to Box - TFA & SkySync

Using SkySync, Teach for America was able to begin migrating its user base and replicate entire folder hierarchies to Box—with a few clicks of a mouse.
The Challenge: NFS - Box - SharePoint Hybrid Environment

In addition to network file-shares that operate throughout the company’s offices, Suffolk also relies on an extensive Microsoft SharePoint installation.
The Challenge: Migrate to Office 365 OneDrive for Business - Office 365 Migration

With SkySync, Spirent was able to migrate more than 400 users from their previous EFSS service into OneDrive to Business in one week.
ShareFile Sync with Autodesk

SkySync decreased upload, processing and data distribution, delivering mission-critical information to the right hands in virtually real time after publishing.
The Challenge: IBM Lotus Notes to Box Migration / Migrate to Box From Any Cloud Service - With speed, at scale

Once SkySync was able to integrate with IBM Lotus Notes and QuickR, the file transfer capabilities enabled Schneider Electric to fully automate its migration to Box.
Network File-Share Box Sync | SkySync + PolicyLink

PolicyLink decided to utilize a hybrid solution that included Box cloud technology and SkySync’s file synchronization application.
Network File System Sync to Autodesk | SkySync + Mortenson

Using SkySync’s connector for Autodesk® BIM 360 Field, Mortenson Construction removed several workflow steps and optimize their process.
On-Premises to Cloud Migration & Sync | SkySync + Morehouse College

SkySync provided Morehouse with storage agility, enabling them to sync, migrate and copy across diverse storage systems in just a few clicks.
Migrate SharePoint to Google Drive | SkySync + Meritide / Office 365 Migration / Dropbox Migration / Box Migration From Any Cloud Service - With speed, at scale - Migration to Dropbox - Migrate to Google on a Large Scale

With SkySync, Meritide was able to transfer all of the associated metadata with Velocity’s content from SharePoint to Google Drive, saving time and money.
Sync Dropbox to SharePoint, Box, and NFS | SkySync + Landmark

Landmark’s data management team found the installation, testing and rollout of SkySync extremely easy and fault-free.
Sync SharePoint to Box | SkySync + Intertape Polymer Group

SkySync is document version-aware and can be configured to sync on a set schedule or intervals. Discover how IPG's remote salespeople benefitted.
Hybrid Cloud Sync to Box | SkySync + First American Equipment Finance

SkySync provided a bridge to synchronize First American’s complex, multi-level, multi-drive configuration at the enterprise level.
OneDrive Migration

With SkySync, JDA was able to migrate 1,400 users with 6 terabytes of content to OneDrive in 30 days while also meeting its on-premises migration deadline.
SharePoint Collaboration on a Global Scale | SkySync + IPA

When two companies as synergistic as Box and SkySync get together to help non-profit organizations make the world a better place, only good things can happen.
Migrate From Network File Share to Box | SkySync + Ellucian

Ellucian’s IT department is simplifying how the company does business by enabling the global workforce to share and collaborate from anywhere, anytime.
File Share Cloud Synchronization | SkySync + Crossland Construction

SkySync’s sophisticated ability to stay version-aware across any number of users was the key to success.
SharePoint Hybrid Cloud Environment With Box | SkySync + DSI

The challenge for DSI was how to automatically synchronize its existing SharePoint security levels and complex folder structures seamlessly with Box.
Cloud Storage Sync to Network Drives | SkySync + Alcopa

With a bi-directional sync between Box and Alcopa’s Network File Systems, Alcopa IT is able to upload the most up-to-date, active content to Box while users are trained in the new system.

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