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The Mic Drop on File Migration Speed - Fast File Migration
Migrate & Copy

The “Mic Drop” on Fast File Migration Speed

How Long Does a File Migration Last Anyways? Fast Cloud File Migration & Throughput I have been manning conference booths and speaking at technical conferences for over a decade, usually covering the topic of migration in some shape or form. Recently, I served as eye candy (lies) at a technical conference in Las Vegas, for
how a North American Construction Company Leverages a Box File Server Sync - On-Premises File Sync to Cloud Storage
Case Studies, Sync & Enable

How a North American Construction Contractor Leveraged Box Sync to Enable Remote Workers

Box File Server Sync Legacy file migration technologies are slow, manually intensive, and tend to force enterprises into sudden system cutovers. Thus preventing organizations from conducting their Box migration at a pace that makes sense for them, without interruption to existing business operations. However, a Box file server sync can enable organizations to integrate existing on-premises
Long-Term File Server Migration through Synchronization
Case Studies, Sync & Enable

Large Migration through Synchronization for a Global Pharmaceutical Organization

Large Scale, Long-Term File Server Migration Mergers & Acquisitions Content management can look very different among organizations. Each organization has its own needs, compliance mandates, and preferences – all of which can dictate how content is handled. When it comes to mergers & acquisitions for instance, an organization may not have much choice in which
Advantages of Content Analysis
Integrate & Control, SkySync

Episode 7: How Can Content Analysis Make a Business More Agile?

The Advantages of Content Analysis What does “understanding your content” really mean anyway? At SkySync we always emphasize the importance of understanding your content. But what does content analysis really mean for a business? We interviewed more ECM professionals to expand your knowledge in this episode of our Content Without Boundaries video series to explain
File Server Sync to Cloud Storage for Controlled IT Governance | SkySync
Case Studies, Sync & Enable

How an American Mechanical Contractor Solved Its IT Governance & Control Issues

Hybrid Content Synchronization & File Server Sync “It was a game-changer for that.” For a majority of organizations, migrating to a single platform for content management and collaboration is not possible. Many have brought in newer, cloud-based technologies but remain reliant on their on-premises systems for a variety of reasons – including regulatory compliance, data
December's Top Technology Headlines
Transformation Ticker

The Transformation Ticker: Volume 5

December’s Top Technology Headlines Volume 5 – December 2019 Here is Volume 5 of SkySync’s Transformation Ticker, our monthly roundup of what we found to be the most important pieces of current technology news and top technology headlines to help you stay on top of the constantly changing world of cloud collaboration and content management.
File Migration Best Practices: Analyzing & Planning Content Migration
Migrate & Copy

Intentional Migration: Analyzing & Planning the Route Through Troubled Waters

7 File Migration Best Practices For Success Download this content in our latest white paper! Analyzing & Planning Content Migration As organizations consider migrating content to cloud sharing services, it is important to understand that there are many business and technical considerations that can affect the quality and the duration of the migration. At the
Hybrid Cloud Synchronization Management
Case Studies, Integrate & Control, Sync & Enable

How A Large Biopharmaceutical Company Synchronizes Their Hybrid Cloud Environment

Hybrid Cloud Synchronization Solution Between Disparate Platforms See our Enterprise Content Integration platform in action – request a trial today. Company Profile A large, biopharmaceutical company is a global premier processor, marketer, and distributor of human amniotic tissue, distributing over 600,000 amniotic tissue grafts worldwide and achieving profound clinical outcomes in multiple therapeutic areas. With
Microsoft Ignite 2019 - Cloud Storage User Adoption through Content Synchronization
Integrate & Control, SkySync

Microsoft Ignite 2019 [Recap]

Work hard, play hard. If your impression of Microsoft is just a “tech company,” you should think twice. For those of us who do know, Microsoft Ignite is one of the best times of the year – as Microsoft knows how to work hard, and play hard. For five days, nearly 30,000 Microsoft partners, employees,
European SharePoint Conference 2019

European SharePoint Conference 2019 Prague Event

European SharePoint Conference 2019 – Prague SkySync – Silver Sponsor – Booth 67 SkySync will be returning to the European SharePoint Conference 2019, and we are beyond pumped! This year the ESPC 2019 event will be in Prague, Czech Republic at the Prague Congress Center from December 2-5. Our squad will be at booth 67 to

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