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Anticipating & Accommodating Platform Differences During Enterprise Content Migration

SkySync Solution Overview Presentation and Product Demonstration

This presentation will introduce you to Enterprise Content Integration, the ability to securely Migrate, Copy, Synchronize and fully Govern files across your Systems. Whether you’re ready to bridge your disconnected storage environment or looking to integrate and deploy new on-premises systems and/or cloud-based EFSS services, SkySync is here to help. This presentation introduces: The challenge,
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Software Integration Plan, Tools and Process | EFSS and ECM

Do You Have a Software Integration Plan? How To Streamline Success: In an increasingly digital world, enterprises need to carefully manage their online content in order to keep business running smoothly. Important files should be easily accessible for the employees who need them, with collaboration capabilities for joint projects and quality checks. At the same
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Enterprise File Sharing and Sync: Enable Enterprise Collaboration

Enable Enterprise Collaboration with a File Sharing Plan Does your enterprise require better collaboration for increased workplace productivity? To be successful, you’ll need to first consider how all of your systems can work together. Although many organizations want to facilitate collaboration between their file sharing service and enterprise content management (ECM) system, it’s not always
Cloud Concerns: Fears Still Held in 2018 by Large Organizations
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Moving to the Cloud: Preparing for Cloud Migration | Strategy, Tools, Plan

Moving to the Cloud: An Enterprise Cloud Migration Strategy In the 1960s, the idea of cloud computing — accessing and storing data over the internet, instead of on-premise — was just a concept. But as time went on and technology evolved, cloud computing came into existence and was slowly adopted by organizations, despite some concerns

Protecting Intellectual Property | Enterprise Security Plan

Protecting Intellectual Property For Enterprise Security In 2016, a former employee of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC) accidentally left the agency with a personal storage device containing the sensitive information of over 40,000 customers. Although the storage device was eventually returned, the incident highlighted how easy it can be for important data to get
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How Will SkySync Impact My Existing Security?

Perhaps the most important question any business should ask before engaging with a third-party content integration partner is, “How will this impact our existing security?” Content is key in the modern enterprise, and it’s important that IT maintains complete control over where that content is going and who has access as files are shared both
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Enterprise Content Integration: The New Digital Workplace

With cloud-based collaboration tools at their fingertips, the modern workforce is now dictating digital workplace strategy within IT departments across the globe as they pick and choose which platforms they prefer to use. These cloud services are offering an unprecedented level of efficiency, cost-savings and freedom to users who are increasingly out of the office
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How to Securely Bridge On-premise and Cloud-based Storage Services

Examining the four ways you can manage migration to or synchronization with the cloud Cloud storage revenue is forecast to grow more than 28% annually to reach $65 billion in 2020.  The driving force is the substantial economies of scale that enable cloud-based solutions to deliver more cost-effective primary and backup storage than on-premises systems
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Do You Have A File Sharing Plan?

SkySync enables the enterprise to collaborate between any leading file sharing service and enterprise content management system.  The SkySync middleware allows users to focus on productivity and not the platform. Take a look at some of these statistics compiled from some industry surveys including reports from AIIM, Forrester, and Gartner.  The numbers tell the story
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What IT needs to know about the EFSS market

EFSS: Everything you need to know about enterprise file sync and share Enterprises have different needs when it comes to content management, especially when compared to smaller businesses. Larger companies need to give their employees the ability to collaborate across platforms and devices so they can work together in real time, wherever they are. But

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