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Microsoft Teams as a “Single Pane of Glass”

Microsoft Teams is the newest aspect to to O365 and is gaining traction. We’ve been using it for a while now and we are really liking it. Naturally, it’s a hub for teamwork and provides built-in tools and functionality for storage and collaboration. Unfortunately, most of that functionality is limited to content that resides in

Your Guide to Strategic Change Management

We’ve compiled all of our tips & tricks from April on how your organization can (and should) use strategic change management to improve user adoption and ROI of new technologies. Strategic Change Management Blog Series – by Karl Sand Pt. 1: Improve Technology Adoption Through Online Training Pt. 2: Why “Just-In-Time Learning” is the Best

Change Management, Pt. 3: The Importance of On-Going User Adoption Reports & Campaigns

By Karl Sand We all know that you can’t manage what you can’t measure. That has always been a tell-tale warning to organizations that blindly enact strategy with no viable metrics to track its success. And yet, that training and adoption campaigns for technology deployments often fall into this very same trap. It should be

Change Management, Pt. 2: Why “Just-In-Time Learning” is the Best Way to Drive User Adoption

By Karl Sand There are multiple training options when it comes to delivering education to your user community for new communication and collaboration technologies. But which is the best model for today’s workforce? Classroom Training? Computer Based Training with preset Curriculum? E-Learning Paths with Validation Tests? From consulting with different enterprise organizations around North America,

Change Management, Pt 1: Improve Technology Adoption Through Online Training

By Karl Sand Product Marketing Manager CoreView Technology Adoption. It’s a scary phrase to an IT professional. You can roll out a fabulous new application that totally simplifies a complex business process, get every bit of the configuration correct, transition all the legacy data – and if the users don’t understand how to use it,
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Introducing SkySync’s New Vidcast Series

We’re excited to launch our new, bi-monthly vidcast series all about content without boundaries. Pioneered by our program director and very own Microsoft MVP, Jethro Seghers, we’ve invited the best and brightest thought leaders in the space – ECM experts, workplace modernization experts, digital transformation consultants and more – to share their insights on enterprise
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Mergers and acquisitions without boundaries

Seamlessly integrate and migrate newly acquired enterprise content with existing systems. Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) often provide multiple business benefits for the companies involved – including access to new markets and a wider customer base, reduction of cost via economies of scale, and obtaining quality employees. However, M&A scenarios are complex and not without their own

Using SkySync CLI: Surface User Accounts from Disparate Storage Platforms

Using the SkySync CLI Authorization and ReST Endpoints Would you like insight into your organization’s user accounts across multiple on-premise or cloud platforms? Using the SkySync CLI and ReST API, the job can be accomplished quickly and easily. In this post, we are going to obtain a SkySync Authorization Token via the SkySync CLI and

An Introduction to SkySync CLI

Is the GUI dead? Nope, but SkySync provides IT Pros the option of using the excellent SkySync web application or the SkySync Command Line Interface (CLI). The CLI is a first-class citizen in the SkySync architecture, and abstracts many of the common API calls into a succinct and powerful command library. In this post, we
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The chronicles of the Syncopath…

It’s finally here: Syncopath Advanced Software Labs is OPEN. The reign of the Syncopath has begun. You can check out our brand new community website, where we have collected some of the smartest influencers in the Enterprise Content Management industry. Just any type of influencers? No, the industry has enough of those slick marketeers, with

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