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The Chronicles of the Syncopath…

It’s finally here: Syncopath Advanced Software Labs is OPEN. The reign of the Syncopath has begun. You can check out our brand new community website, where we have collected some of the smartest influencers in the Enterprise Content Management industry. Just any type of influencers? No, the industry has enough of those slick marketeers, with
Content Integration: State of the Union
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Content Integration: State of the Union

With the rise of newer content integration & management systems and cloud services, more enterprises are exploring various methods to implement these systems to modernize their workforce and increase productivity. However, some enterprises cannot completely abandon their existing infrastructure. Their reasons can vary, from security and compliance mandatesto ROI requirements. These enterprises are instead electing
Content silos and the effect on the enterprise
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Content silos and the effect on the enterprise

Content Silos and the Effect on the Enterprise When business units have deployed disparate systems, connections between their various applications are difficult, if not impossible, to obtain. These systems were never built to work together. Although these applications are often achieving different objectives, they often still need to access and use the same information. With
SkySync at OpenText Enterprise World 2018
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SkySync at OpenText Enterprise World 2018

Amazing week at OpenText Enterprise World 2018 up in Toronto. Here are some of the highlights… Every customer we spoke with is trying to figure out how to manage their systems of record with systems of engagement and cloud-based collaboration applications like Box, Dropbox, and OneDrive for Business. After learning about SkySync, what we heard is there is
Office 365 eDiscovery: How it Works Within the Platform
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Calling All Microsoft Partners – Inspire 2018

It’s all about Enterprise Content Integration at Microsoft Inspire 2018 in Las Vegas next week – it is all the rage we hear. SkySync will be onsite and our team is looking very forward in meeting with Microsoft Partners from all aspects of the globe visiting sunny Las Vegas to enjoy all things Inspire will
Unique Deployment Options for Unique Content Integration Project

Unique Deployment Options for a Unique Content Integration Project

Unique Deployment Options for a Unique Content Integration Project As the world grows more and more connected virtually, people and systems are distributed further and further physically. Companies don’t work traditionally anymore; digital workplaces are quickly becoming the new normal. Cloud services have helped implement new methods of productivity and collaboration, but the transition from traditional
Cloud Concerns: Fears Still Held in 2018 by Large Organizations - Enterprise Cloud Migration Strategy: Moving to the Cloud | SkySync

Are larger organizations right to fear the Cloud in 2018?

Though it has been evolving for nearly 20 years, many larger organizations – including enterprises, government institutions, etc.— still have cloud concerns, even when most of them are already paying for cloud services. Despite the steps many cloud service providers have taken to improve their security and enterprise functionality, there is still much room for
Anticipating & Accommodating Platform Differences During Enterprise Content Migration

SkySync Solution Overview Presentation and Product Demonstration

This presentation will introduce you to Enterprise Content Integration, the ability to securely Migrate, Copy, Synchronize and fully Govern files across your Systems. Whether you’re ready to bridge your disconnected storage environment or looking to integrate and deploy new on-premises systems and/or cloud-based EFSS services, SkySync is here to help. This presentation introduces: The challenge,

Protecting Intellectual Property | Enterprise Security Plan

Protecting Intellectual Property For Enterprise Security In 2016, a former employee of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC) accidentally left the agency with a personal storage device containing the sensitive information of over 40,000 customers. Although the storage device was eventually returned, the incident highlighted how easy it can be for important data to get
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How Will SkySync Impact My Existing Security?

Perhaps the most important question any business should ask before engaging with a third-party content integration partner is, “How will this impact our existing security?” Content is key in the modern enterprise, and it’s important that IT maintains complete control over where that content is going and who has access as files are shared both

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