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how a North American Construction Company Leverages a Box File Server Sync - On-Premises File Sync to Cloud Storage
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How a North American Construction Contractor Leveraged Box Sync to Enable Remote Workers

Box File Server Sync Legacy file migration technologies are slow, manually intensive, and tend to force enterprises into sudden system cutovers. Thus preventing organizations from conducting their Box migration at a pace that makes sense for them, without interruption to existing business operations. However, a Box file server sync can enable organizations to integrate existing on-premises
Long-Term File Server Migration through Synchronization
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Large Migration through Synchronization for a Global Pharmaceutical Organization

Large Scale, Long-Term File Server Migration Mergers & Acquisitions Content management can look very different among organizations. Each organization has its own needs, compliance mandates, and preferences – all of which can dictate how content is handled. When it comes to mergers & acquisitions for instance, an organization may not have much choice in which
File Server Sync to Cloud Storage for Controlled IT Governance | SkySync
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How an American Mechanical Contractor Solved Its IT Governance & Control Issues

Hybrid Content Synchronization & File Server Sync “It was a game-changer for that.” For a majority of organizations, migrating to a single platform for content management and collaboration is not possible. Many have brought in newer, cloud-based technologies but remain reliant on their on-premises systems for a variety of reasons – including regulatory compliance, data
Hybrid Cloud Management
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How A Large Biopharmaceutical Company Synchronizes Their Hybrid Cloud Environment

Hybrid Cloud Management Solution Between Disparate Platforms See our Enterprise Content Integration platform in action – request a trial today. Company Profile A large, biopharmaceutical company is a global premier processor, marketer, and distributor of human amniotic tissue, distributing over 600,000 amniotic tissue grafts worldwide and achieving profound clinical outcomes in multiple therapeutic areas. With
Cloud Enterprise Content Management for Synchronized Collaboration
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How One of America’s Largest Food Producers Implements Synchronized Collaboration

Cloud Enterprise Content Management & Synchronization For most organizations, migrating to a single platform for cloud enterprise content management and collaboration isn’t realistic. Many have brought in newer, cloud-based technologies but remain reliant on their on-premises systems for a variety of reasons. Consequently, these content silos create information chaos for many IT departments. Wouldn’t it
On-Premises vs Cloud vs Hybrid
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Episode 5: Hybrid Cloud in the Modern Workplace

On-Premises vs Cloud “A hybrid solution is part of the answer.” On-prem, cloud, hybrid, one-way synchronization, and two-way sync are all just some of the options businesses have when it comes to content management.  But how can one know which environment is best? It may well depend on your business’s particular needs. Hear what the
Hybrid Storage Solutions & Hybrid Cloud Management
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Why Some Enterprises Require Hybrid Storage Solutions

Hybrid Cloud Storage Solutions & Management It may seem as if most organizations are moving all of their content to cloud collaboration platforms. However, there are several reasons why businesses small and large are discovering that hybrid cloud storage solutions and hybrid cloud management are their best options. Cloud storage services have sound benefits –
Cloud Sync Tips & Best Practices
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How Does Cloud Sync Work? [Infographic]

Syncing Multiple Cloud Storage Platforms & Cloud Sync Tips What is Cloud Sync? Cloud Sync is a way to keep the same updated files in different locations through cloud storage services. No matter where they were geographically edited or changed, the file will be the same from where ever it is accessed. This is a
migrating google docs to onedrive
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4 Things to Know About Moving Files From Google Drive to OneDrive

Google to OneDrive Migration Google and Microsoft have both created incredibly robust and effective file storage and collaboration platforms. Such as G Suite and OneDrive, for example. However, there are variances that complicate the matter of synchronizing or migrating Google Docs to OneDrive. Organizations that are looking to consume both sets of APIs to transfer
Multi-cloud storage environments are more common than we think.
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Episode 4: Are Multi-Cloud Environments More Common Than We Think?

How Common Are Multi-Cloud Storage Environments? “Consider maintaining two sources at the same time.” Our ECM experts and MVPs are back in the fourth episode of our Content Without Boundaries series, this time discussing multi-cloud storage environments – and how they may be more common than we think they are.   “Probably almost 100 percent

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