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On-Premises vs Cloud vs Hybrid
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Episode 5: Hybrid Cloud in the Modern Workplace

On-Premises vs Cloud “A hybrid solution is part of the answer.” On-prem, cloud, hybrid, one-way synchronization, and two-way sync are all just some of the options businesses have when it comes to content management.  But how can one know which environment is best? It may well depend on your business’s particular needs. Hear what the
Hybrid Storage Solutions & Hybrid Cloud Management
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Why some enterprises require hybrid storage solutions

Hybrid Cloud Storage Solutions & Management It may seem as if most organizations are moving all of their content to cloud collaboration platforms. However, there are several reasons why businesses small and large are discovering that hybrid cloud storage solutions and hybrid cloud management are their best options. Cloud storage services have sound benefits –
Cloud Sync Tips & Best Practices
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How Does Cloud Sync Work? [Infographic]

Syncing Multiple Cloud Storage Platforms & Cloud Sync Tips What is Cloud Sync? Cloud Sync is a means to keep the same updated files in different locations through cloud storage services. Regardless of where they were geographically edited or changed, the file will be the same from where ever it is accessed. This is a
migrating google docs to onedrive
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4 Things to Know About Moving Files From Google Drive to OneDrive

While Google and Microsoft have both created incredibly robust and effective file storage and collaboration platforms, such as G Suite and OneDrive, there are variances that complicate the matter of synchronizing or migrating Google Docs to OneDrive. Organizations that are looking to consume both sets of APIs to transfer files across Google Drive and OneDrive
Multi-cloud storage environments are more common than we think.
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Episode 4: Are multi-cloud environments more common than we think?

How Common Are Multi-Cloud Storage Environments? Our ECM experts and MVPs are back in the fourth episode of our Content Without Boundaries series, this time discussing multi-cloud storage environments – and how they may be more common than we think they are.   “Probably almost 100 percent of organizations are in a multi-cloud environment right
Your failure to implement a modern workplace could cause employee turnover - Impact of Technology in the Modern Workplace - Impact of Technology in a Modern Workplace
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Your failure to implement a modern workplace could cause employee turnover

The Impact of Technology in a Modern Workplace There are many reasons that employees choose to stay with or leave their organizations. Whether it’s company culture, salary and bonus structures, career opportunity, or work-life balance. But less often will you hear outdated technology as a reason for turnover. However increasingly modern workplace technologies and the
Microsoft Teams Add Cloud Storage Integration & Synchronization Steps - Microsoft Teams and Integrating it with Other Cloud Services - integrate microsoft teams with cloud
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Microsoft Teams as a “Single Pane of Glass” for Collaboration

Microsoft Teams Add Cloud Storage Integration & Synchronization Microsoft Teams is the newest aspect of Office 365 and is gaining traction. We’ve been using it for a while now and we are really liking it. Naturally, it’s a hub for teamwork and provides built-in tools and functionality for storage and collaboration. Unfortunately, content residing in
User Adoption Infographic - Key Principles & Best Practices - Infographic
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The Key Principles of User Adoption – Infographic

In order to realize the full potential of any new technology, user adoption is key. But it can be incredibly hard to ensure that your users will like and adopt the new platform without a solid change management strategy. While every organization, every user base, and every implementation is unique, the key pillars of user
Vidcast Episode 2: How can organizations improve user adoption?
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Video Series Episode 2: How can organizations improve user adoption?

Three Small Steps to Improve User Adoption “Embrace that change.” In our second installment of SkySync’s bi-monthly Content Without Boundaries video, our gang of MVPs and ECM experts discuss change management and share their tips on how organizations can improve user adoption of new technologies. This month we’ll be sharing a ton of helpful content
Content silos and the effect on the enterprise
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Mergers and acquisitions without boundaries

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) often provide multiple business benefits for the companies involved – including access to new markets and a wider customer base, reduction of cost via economies of scale, and even obtaining quality employees. However, M&A scenarios are often complex and not without their own set of problems. One of the biggest challenges

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