Mortenson automates construction project management with Autodesk BIM 360 Field

Customer Profile

A U.S. based, family-owned business, Mortenson Construction is a leading builder in North America. Mortenson’s services include design-build, real estate development, construction management, general contracting, EPC / BOP and project development for just some examples.

Business Drivers

Efficiency is a key factor in what drives Mortenson Construction. Ricardo Khan, Mortenson’s Director of Integrated Construction, said, “Our goal was to enable our engineers to spend more time in the field and less time in the trailer re-inputting data they capture in the field.”

Mortenson Construction turned to Autodesk® BIM 360 software to manage its large construction projects. Khan said, “By using Autodesk® BIM 360 Field software, Mortenson Construction was able to optimize its internal processes and eliminate a significant amount of data entry redundancy by field engineers.”

The Challenge: Network File System Sync to Autodesk

With content in several Network File Systems, it challenging for Mortenson’s teams to keep BIM 360 Field’s project library current. Several steps were required to import files from multiple network drives into the BIM 360 Field project library. As a result, the overall processing workflow was slowed.

“We had no way to sync our content with BIM 360 Field and our data center in an easy or automated fashion,” said Mortenson Initiative Manager Neal Katorosz.

SkySync created a bridge to connect our network drives to the project library in BIM 360 Field, eliminating non-value add steps, dramatically increasing speed of access to files while automating the workflow. SkySync adds yet another step towards efficiency optimization.
Ricardo Khan, Director of Integrated Construction

The Solution

Continually striving to improve their business processes, Mortenson Construction looked to SkySync’s BIM 360 Field connector. Mortenson initially tested the SkySync connector on three of its multiple BIM 360 Field projects.

By utilizing SkySync to upload projects into the BIM 360 Field project library, several steps were completely automated from the existing importing process. Mortenson engineers are able to sync their on-premises network shared drives with BIM 360 Field. Therefore making it easier to manage each project while eliminating long import times. Engineers can also easily configure SkySync to sync their projects at scheduled intervals or they can optionally manually initiate synchronization jobs.

What’s more, users can update their projects by replacing old files with the same name on their network drives. Meanwhile SkySync updates the BIM 360 Field project library automatically.

The Results

By using SkySync’s connector for Autodesk® BIM 360 Field, Mortenson Construction was able to remove several steps from the workflow and optimize their project management process. Mortenson now plans to expand their use of the connector to additional BIM 360 Field projects in 2014.

“SkySync created a bridge to connect our network drives to the project library in BIM 360 Field, eliminating non-value add steps, dramatically increasing speed of access to files while automating the workflow,” Khan said. “SkySync adds yet another step towards efficiency optimization.”

Easy to implement

Mortenson Construction had already been leveraging SkySync’s connector with the popular cloud platform, Box, so it required virtually no effort for Mortenson’s engineers to start using the SkySync with BIM 360 Field.

“SkySync is simple to set up and intuitive to use,” Katorosz said. “It functions identically for every platform. It was also incredibly easy for the team to integrate BIM 360 Field with our existing Network File Systems.”

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