Hybrid cloud solution enables outside collaboration for Suffolk engineers

Customer Profile

Suffolk Construction Company, Inc. is a company that looms large in construction industry, not only with the size and complexity of the projects they’ve chosen to build, but for their forward-thinking use of technology to accelerate and perfect the process. Though headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, the company has operations across the country and has performed major projects in 37 states.

Business Drivers

A prime point of Suffolk’s differentiation is certainly in its use of the “Virtual Design and Construction” process. In other words, this intense development process involves performing extensive modeling of all aspects of a building’s performance. Additionally this process begins before even breaking ground on the project. It’s sure to include all the fine details from energy use to ergonomics, for example.

As a result, this highly creative process requires extraordinary collaboration and exchange of data between stakeholders. Inside and outside the company.

The Challenge: NFS – Box – SharePoint Hybrid Environment

Scott Amaral, Suffolk’s Senior Business Analyst, explained that in addition to network file-shares that operate throughout the company’s offices, Suffolk additionally relies on an extensive Microsoft SharePoint installation to provide file storage and critical compliance and workflow functionality. He also described how the often exchange of files larger than 300-500mb continually created bottlenecks. “The challenge was that our on-premises SharePoint portal was not the right tool to enable our stakeholders to collaborate creatively.” explained Ameral. “Sometimes this includes vendors and work sites across the globe, many of which may have sub-optimal Internet connections.

I was shocked at how responsive the SkySync team was as we deployed this solution. I got the help I needed almost instantaneously; inside of 15 minutes. You never see that, not even from large companies. It continues to be very impressive.
Scott Amaral, Senior Business Analyst

The Solution

“We required a fast, collaborative portal and rolled-out Box and SkySync,” described Amaral. “Box gave our stakeholders ready-access to all types of files via the cloud. At the same time, SkySync drives the continual syncing of files to Box by being able to automatically sense Network File updates. As well as by being able to sync and manage the complex interaction between SharePoint and Box.”

The Result

“It’s a very, very effective solution,” explained Amaral. “SkySync’s able to get files up to Box so that the latest versions are immediately made available to stakeholders, right down to their desktops. They no longer have to endure delays. Moreover, SkySync automatically mirrors the latest files across all three platforms – SharePoint, our Network file-share, and Box. Our users love that!” continued Amaral. “Everyone likes the way they have multiple ways of accessing the information they need.”

Strong Customer Support

In conclusion, Scott Amaral remarked about Portal Architect’s high level of support. “I was shocked at how responsive the SkySync team was as we deployed this solution,” he explained. “I got the help I needed almost instantaneously; inside of 15 minutes. You never see that, not even from large companies. It continues to be very impressive.”

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