SkySync Enterprise Edition

Advanced enterprise migration scenarios

Architected to solve virtually any complex use case at incredible speed and scale without business disruption.

Highly-complex enterprise file migration

SkySync is designed to integrate and orchestrate advance migrations initiatives such as legacy ECM platforms, multi-source and location transitions, and/or multi-petabyte file volumes without impacting users, existing operations or system integrations.

As the most powerful and open enterprise integration and orchestration platform available, SkySync is architected to meet virtually any complex use case at incredible speed and scale.

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Tightly integrate to systems

Support your storage platform—with out-of-the-box connectors for major cloud services and ECM platforms
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Built for the enterprise

SkySync was designed to fully integrate, orchestrate and automate advance migration initiatives of any size and complexity for your enterprise. See it in action now.
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SkySync Migration Engine
hybrid content synchronization

True hybrid bi-directional synchronization

Seamless to users, SkySync hybrid synchronization enables users to add, update, or delete files across multiple systems simultaneously. Any file changes are automatically updated and reflected within the other integrated storage platforms.

  • A low risk approach to moving content to the cloud while maintaining on-prem systems.
  • No impact to users, IT staff, business operations or existing storage integrations.
  • Extend cloud storage anywhere/any device capabilities to locally-stored content.
  • Easily integrate newly acquired business storage platforms into existing infrastructures.

User home-drive and group folder mapping—fully automated

Automatically link up to tens-of-thousands of network user home-drives to their new cloud accounts, while preserving existing permission structures and file ownership.

Advanced LDAP capabilities enable organizations to tailor these automated actions to specific groups or departments.

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Self-service migration and monitoring

System administrators can easily create highly controlled and customizable migration user interfaces for remote sites.

What’s more, SkySync’s self-service desktop deployments enable administrators to delegate migration activities to specific departments, user accounts or groups—enabling them to opt-in to a pre-defined migration initiative, monitor their own file migration jobs, and/or repair their own flagged files.

Map extended metadata—define rules and filters

For systems that support metadata, SkySync offers advanced mapping that can be controlled by rules and filtering capabilities.

For extreme edge-cases where real-time system integration is not practical or possible, SkySync also provides Export-Transform-Load (ETL) capabilities for file extended metadata as well as permissions and file versions.


Any deployment model, any environment

Deployment is customizable to your organization's needs, supporting virtually any deployment model, within any environment.
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Deployment models

Host SkySync on any VM or within your private cloud—as well as on-premises or within remote sites/offices.

Open development platform

Full custom connector Application Program Interface (API) and System Developer Toolkit (SDK) is available.

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Supported environments

Choose from Windows, Linux, or Mac OS—as well as an array of supported databases.




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