Episode 4: Are multi-cloud environments more common than we think?

How Common Are Multi-Cloud Storage Environments?

Our ECM experts and MVPs are back in the fourth episode of our Content Without Boundaries series, this time discussing multi-cloud storage environments – and how they may be more common than we think they are.


“Probably almost 100 percent of organizations are in a multi-cloud environment right now and don’t know it,” stated Erica Toelle in our latest episode.

“I think people have a multi-cloud experience because it’s difficult to come up with a real collaboration strategy that serves the people,” added Karuana Gatimu.

There are a variety of reasons for multi-cloud environments, including Shadow IT and the general freedom of choice in such an expansive market. But what may have once been looked at as a curse for organizations is quickly becoming the new normal. Finding a single platform that can meet the needs of the entire business is becoming less of a priority. Needs such as encouraging collaboration and increased productivity while maintaining performance, security and information governance. In short, organizations are finding that they can curate their content services stack from a variety of vendors. Even while keeping them integrated with a hybrid environment.

But according to David Friend, multi-cloud, hybrid environments are here to stay. “Customers will demand a multi-cloud environment where they can pick and choose services from multiple vendors. And they are going to demand that they all work together harmoniously,” he predicts in a recent article.

Hear from our gang of thought leaders on why they think multi-cloud environments are so prevalent, and how this type of hybrid environment can be a benefit to users and entire organizations in our latest vidcast.


Matthias Einig – Rencore

Bram de Jager – Delaware

Erica Toelle – RecordPoint

Heather Newman – Content Panda, MVP

Karauna Gatimu – Microsoft Teams

Tracy Van Der Schyff – Microsoft MVP

Sébastien Levert – Valo Intranet

Fabian Williams – Withum

Gokan Ozcifi – Neoxy Consultancy


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