A unified platform to manage unstructured enterprise data

The SkySync platform was built on the latest Microsoft .NET Core technology focused on performance, efficiency, scalability and openness.

Our data integration, classification and orchestration engines leverage the latest toolkits and algorithms that deliver both speed and enhanced accuracy.

A single & unified platform

The openness, scale and broad holistic capabilities of the SkySync platform eliminates the need for organizations to utilize and maintain dozens of siloed applications. One set of data classification and governance policies reside within one system yet can be deployed across any number of platforms—whether in the cloud, remote or on-premises. However, if some unique operation or function is required, those applications can also be readily integrated to the platform via its Software Development Kit (SDK).

Unmatched speed & scale

As a core development principal, the platform was built for the enterprise—architected from the ground-up to manage petabytes of content equating to billions of files at incredible speed. For example, most vendors can leverage up to 16 parallel thread-writes—process or interrogate 16 files at once. The SkySync platform has regularly exceeded 3,000+ and within highly optimized environments is capable of moving and managing up to 100+ terabytes of content per day.

Significant breadth & depth

In addition to the wide breadth of system connector options and openness, the platform’s depth of integration enables significantly more functional capability than existing vendors. SkySync has continually placed focus on enhancing unstructured data control and management capabilities to increase customer value.

Automation at enterprise scale

Most all current enterprise data management and information governance solution approaches rely on end-users at some level to determine the sensitive nature of the content, then take the resulting necessary action(s) as defined by corporate policy. The SkySync platform automates both assessment and action—dramatically reducing risk and lowering costs, while eliminating users from the process.

“Such offerings, from companies such as SkySync, are being used as the underlying 'plumbing' in more and more business-focused solutions from enterprise vendors.”​