Automate data governance at enterprise scale

Relying on users and manual processes to ensure your data is properly governed is an impossible ask, rife with opportunities for mistakes and bad judgment.

This lack of control opens organizations up to large fines, loss of sensitive data or intellectual property, operational inefficiency, or a negative impact on market value.

By automating data governance, your organization can eliminate much of the risk and spend more time doing what it does best.

Keep your data under control

With SkySync’s approach to data governance, the platform will continually monitor your unstructured data in any connected repository and automatically take action on content when certain criteria are met or missed—facilitating protection from data loss or damage.

At-risk data can be flagged, moved, quarantined, permissioned, re-classified and labeled, or otherwise acted upon based on a series of configurable rules and policies. The SkySync platform will process the policy rules, while notifying system administrators or other stakeholders in real-time.

You set the rules—we enforce them

Once your organization has defined and configured governance policies within the platform, SkySync’s orchestration engine will ensure your rules are followed, without the need for user input, while providing a full report of every update along the way.

Every file action, current status, and history is tracked at a granular level, and SkySync provides detailed reports—including when actions were taken to secure and protect data. This enables companies to easily disclose compliance measures to auditors at any point within the data lifecycle.

Unstructured data orchestration

SkySync’s orchestration engine can execute a variety of powerful actions available out-of-the-box, fully orchestrating data governance scenarios to meet the unique needs of your business.

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