An intelligent & informed file migration—at scale

As storage platforms continue to evolve, organizations will always need to migrate enterprise content. But these transitions can often shift old problems to new platforms.

Unintentionally, your organization could migrate unsecured, sensitive files to the new system—and features designed to enhance collaboration and productivity may increase vulnerability and risk of data loss. Migration without knowing what files you’re moving can be risky.

But there’s a smarter way to do it.

An upgrade to your enterprise storage provides an opportunity to understand your data. The SkySync platform can discover and classify unstructured data before and during your migration.

This enables your organization to make more intelligent decisions about where and how to migrate your files, while answering key questions such as:

  • 1 How much content are we managing? What types of documents do I have and where should they be migrated to?
  • 2 Where is my sensitive data located? How sensitive is it?
  • 3 Who has access to my data? Which files have been shared externally... and with who? Is my data vulnerable?
  • 4 If end users have been manually labeling files... are they doing it properly?
  • 5 How can we stay on top of the rapid growth in unstructured data we’re facing?
Discover & Classify
  • Obtain a full inventory of source system content including content age, document type, and volume; permissions and sharing insights; classification and sensitivity; and other file attributes
  • If classification labels are missing or incorrect, apply correct labels and/or update permissions to secure the files
Execute Migration
  • Create a migration plan that addresses your organization’s needs now that you understand your content
  • Migrate and synchronize your files to the destination based on classification and sensitivity—at scale
Continual Oversight
  • Continually scan and assess sensitivity labels as they are updated or applied to new content
  • Alert, delete, move, lock down or otherwise take corrective action on unsecured data to eliminate financial risk

Don’t migrate without insight.

Start by discovering your data—once you know what you’re working with, you can make intelligent and informed decisions on how exactly to migrate your files and manage your growing volume of unstructured data.

Need to migrate content quickly?

For organizations that have already completed thorough discovery and migration planning—or simply need to make a rapid transition to a new storage system to avoid costly renewals, the SkySync platform continues to enable large-scale, high-fidelity file migration across platforms.

Learn more about an Advanced File Migration
Interrogated per day

File discovery time that once took weeks or months now takes days within optimized environments.

Transfer throughput per day

Within optimized environments, rapidly migrate files to meet renewal deadlines while saving costs and overhead.

Initial transfer success rates

SkySync delivers transfer results that exceed industry averages of 90-95%.