Vidcast Episode 1: What is “disruption-free” file migration?

In our first episode of SkySync’s brand new, bi-monthly vidcast series, we discuss the hot topic of “Disruption-Free File Migration.” While on-site at the European SharePoint Conference in Copenhagen last fall, SkySync program director Jethro Seghers interviewed several thought leaders, Microsoft MVPs and experts to pick their brain on what disruption-free migration means to them, what it looks like in today’s enterprise and if it’s ultimately even possible.

Watch now:



Matthias Einig – Rencore

Bram de Jager – Delaware

Fabian Williams – Withum

Gokan Ozcifi – Neoxy Consultancy

Erica Toelle – RecordPoint

Heather Newman – Content Panda, MVP

Karauna Gatimu – Microsoft Teams

Tracy Van Der Schyff – Microsoft MVP

Sébastien Levert – Valo Intranet

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